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In 2014, Renaldo Thompson Founder and CEO created Focus Fitness 7 with enthusiasm and a purpose to inspire those committed to enhancing their quality of life. Renaldo is a certified personal trainer who holds a Kinesiology degree from Louisiana State University.  Focus Fitness 7 believes in 7 core key principles that outline the criteria for ensuring that clients achieve and maintain their fitness goals.

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Butt Naked Fine (BNF) is self-expression and an affordable opportunity to train. Don't be body conscious, be body confident. BNF represents your opportunity to improve yourself with the tools and the tenacity needed to succeed. BNF is a lifestyle of inner and outer confidence. Whether you’re preparing for your wedding, vacation, birthday, or just want to live your best life, Butt Naked Fine is for you. You determine your why.

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7 days a week = the 7 foundations to continuously create your best body. This calendar was designed to provide a low cost, high value workout regimen for hectic schedules that can be done without leaving your home. With my guidance you will lose body fat, increase stamina and condition your body to be strong.

After subscribing, you'll be added to a private social community where each day you'll be given a workout (WOD)  that is categorized as beast mode (BM), HIIT cardio (High Intensity Interval Training), or active recovery no strain (ARNS). With videos, food guidance, and these workouts you are guaranteed to reach your greatest potential for success.


1. Am I able to cancel my yearly subscription, if I decide to not to continue?
Yes, you can cancel your yearly subscription and not be billed for the following year. However, if you cancel at any point of time in the year (365 days) you will not be refunded or prorated any subscription fees.  You'll be able to access the program and community until your paid for year has ended. 

2. How are  payments submitted for subscriptions?
If yearly, your yearly program fee will be automatically drafted on the year-to-date anniversary of your sign up. If you sign up for the month to month subscription, your payments will be drafted out monthly on the date of sign up unless there is a cancel notification that you no longer want the month to month subscription.

3. How does the month to month subscription work?
Once you sign up for the month to month subscription, you will have access to private community where workouts are posted. Once a month to month subscription is canceled your access to the private community is revoked within 48 hours. 

4. Is there anything else I should know?
There are prizes for workout completion. You will be able to post your completed workout details in the private community . I will keep a scoring system of each person who post their workouts. You must post in order to receive a point for that day. At the end of the month, the person who posts the most workout details from their fitness tracker will receive a prize. So remember to post once you have completed the workout for that day only. Posting workouts from previous days will not counted. Also, if you do not post it at all, it will not be counted.

5. How am I able to contact you?
You may reach me by sending an email to or direct message for any questions or concerns you may have. I will respond back as quickly as possible in a timely manner.

  • access to video library of the exercises
  • access to private accountability community
  • access to future yearly challenges & updates
  • earn 1 point every workout posted
    • winner chosen every month with most points
    • overall winner chosen at end of the year with the most points
    • fitness tracker is recommended but not required


"After getting my nutrition right, the BNF programming helped me to lose fat and begin to see definition. My body was bikini ready and I achieved my goal of not having to wear a cover up by the pool" 

— Daniele S.

Focus Fitness7 offers

  • Personal Training
  • Bridal Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Sports Training


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Focus Fitness7
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One on one training sessions focused on form and technique of exercises, body posture, and proper breathing while performing the workout. Our primary focus is you.


Why train alone when you can bring a friend or group of friends along? Each group consists of 3-6 people training as one motivating, challenging, and even competing against each other.


Preparing for the big day? Join our 7 week bridal camp to sizzle the body fat away. This includes 3-4 days meeting with a trainer, along with meal guide. The other option is training until your big day. For best results, we recommending following exactly what is told from the trainer.

Online Training

Our online training is a comprehensive program + meal guides that are tailor made to you and your needs. No cookie cutter workout plans. Choose to participate in a 4, 8, or 16 week option. 

4 Week Online Training 8 Week Online Training 16 Week Online Training

4 Week Online Training

4 week customized workouts & personalized meal guide


  • 4 week bespoke training program
  • Member login 
  • Complete access to exercise plan
  • Email support
  • Recurring $69 per month thereafter

8 Week Online Training

8 week customized workout & personalized meal guide


  • 8 week bespoke training program
  • Member login 
  • Complete access to exercise plan 
  • Weekly updates& check-ins
  • Email support
  • Pay in installments
  • Recurring $139 per month thereafter

16 Week Online Training

16 week customized workouts, personalized meal guide


  • 16 week bespoke training program
  • Member login
  • Complete access to exercise plan
  • Weekly updates & check-ins
  • Email support
  • Pay in installments
  • Recurring $179 per month thereafter

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